Von Pelt

Von Pelt is a group of designer and creatives whose members provenance, their crafts and talents are rich and varied. Most are self taught or come from a previous different disciplines and locations, such as graphic design and poetry from London and Spain, artist sculptors from Berlin, Italian textile researchers and craftsmen etc.

The brain and creative driving force behind the project is Cadiz born Desirée Mejer. After living and working in London, Hong Kong, Italy, Berlín, etc, Von Pelt’s project arises in her career after a long trajectory as a freelance and consultant with a well-established background in fashion, fine arts, and the artistic direction of exhibitions, among other pursuits.
In 2013 Von Pelt made it’s debut at Rossana Orlandi at the Milano Salone 2013 in Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan. After this, Von Pelt immediately took part in multiple new projects; art fairs such like the London Design Week, the exhibition Crystal portraits at L’eclaireur, París, and the presentation of new collections produced in Berlín such as Meteorite and Crystal Myth. Their last show, Castellano Brutalista, -coproduced with the gallery Machado-Muñoz in Madrid- revisits the “castilian” concept through ceramics and brass pieces.

All united in a common quest for originality, innovation and quality, Von Pelt’s style is of a strongly narrative nature; historical and cultural references are frequently revisited with a layer of wit and irony. Von Pelt design studio will be producing ceramics, carpets, furniture, lamps, installations, accessories and artistic projects.